Losing Hope. Microsoft's Tarnished Image

I have been on board with the Microsoft Experience since '95 and find that with every iteration of Windows it’s either a hit or miss. While I loved XP and 7, ME and Vista were tolerable to an extent. Now my gripe is with Windows 8. After a month and a half of using it via the upgrade, I've come to find the Start Screen is utterly useless. The novelty of the tiles has worn off and I just want the simpler things of 7 back on my desktop. I'm a power user who loves multiple screens open and feel that the functionality of the Modern UI is sluggish. The power consumption has drastically changed on my laptop from 8 hrs on W7 to 2.5 on W8. A grahpics card issue with no solution across the boards. I've used Mac's before and have no desire to own one. Although nice and fast, it's nothing special. As I tout Windows to the non-believers, I myself am becoming one of those disillusioned who might make the switch. How can you get the defected customers back? Please let me know what you many of you think now that we have upgraded.