how would you envision a modern real estate website?

Hi Verge,

I was compelled to make this my first forum post as there have some really impressive mockups posted on the verge and it inspired me to ask you a question that's been on mind as of late.

I've been a real estate agent for about 5 years and have worked at one company whose website I find pretty execrable. Dealing with its bad design has driven me crazy and I have been bouncing around the idea of making my own site to promote my exclusive sales and rental listings in Brooklyn. I want it to be fast, clear, easy to use and extremely efficient in its display of information.

At the same time I really want an unconventional design that captures a modern aesthetic, something out of the box that has a lot of wow factor.

The trouble is, I don't know exactly how to come up with something unconventional that also provides a lot of clear information. I love really unusual marketing strategies and would like the site to be a major part of the process... at the same time I don't want to make the same mistake of focusing on fluff over information.

That brings me to the Verge... can you help me with some ideas? I obviously don't expect anyone to do design work for free, but I would love some of your ideas on what course to take with a design that captures my desire to stand out from the veritable sea of real estate agents in New York and at the same time provide an attractive venue for potential landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers.

Any and all help is appreciated.