The King is dead, long live the King


Having outlived two replacements (an HD7 which was returned because it sucked so bad and an iPhone 4 that was passed on to the wife) , the trusty HD2 is finally being laid to rest.

I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, black Lumia 920


After a lot of being messed about by phones4U, I bought it from Thank you whoever recommended that yesterday. It was delivered overnight . Free phone with 600mins, unlimited texts, 1Gb data for £31/month.

Its on Orange (I was previously with Vodafone and O2 before that) and has orange tiles but I'm going to change them to red.

First impressions?

Its big but not that much bigger than the HD2, its solid rather than heavy and the screen is just gob-smackingly gorgeous.

WP8 is leagues ahead of WP7 which, as I said above, sucked. Makes poor old WM6.5 look like something from about 1995.

More when I've had a chance to play tonight but, at the moment, I have a customer who wants his site updated to multiple currencies by end of play today