Surface Quality Control Issues?

I pre-ordered a 32gb Surface RT and got It on launch day. I noticed there was a dead/stuck pixel on the middle of the screen so I requested an advanced exchange. They sent me a new surface, with no return label (like they said they would include) and the replacement had a bent kickstand? So I called them yet again to see what they could do for me. Everyone was really nice and wanted to help... except NO ONE knew wtf they were doing. The reps say they put in another exchange when they in fact did not, I had one guy set up a repair when he said he was setting up an exchange. and FINALLY after 2 weeks and a few escalated cases I finally received another Surface. To my surprise (not really) the volume up key barely works when I press it down. It feels like it's going to stop working in a few months because it will get stuck in place. Oh and also, didn't come with a return label again as promised. You would think after MS was bragging about the build quality of the Surface that 1 of my 3 devices wouldn't have a flaw In it.

What would you guys do about my situation?

tl;dr on my 3rd RMA'd Surface, All of them have physical defects. Do I send it back again?

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