Nokia Tablet -- What would it take?

Everyone is entering the tablet game right now and given Nokia's partnership with Microsoft along previous comments from within the company, I think a Nokia Tablet is inevitable. That made me think. What would Nokia have to do to give it's tablet the edge over others on the market (mainly the Surface)?

My thoughts on what we'll (realistically) be seeing:

  • Windows 8 RT is a given. I don't see them offering a x86 model.
  • I think the Nokia design philosophy would be somewhat of a differentiator, but the Surface has impeccable hardware, so this would be a very important area to focus on.
  • At this point, some kind of keyboard/cover attachment would be a necessity to stay competitive.
  • Wireless charging would seem kind of ridiculous on tablet. The charging plate would be huge. Not sure they would include this.
  • We haven't really seen any sub ~10" tablets in the Windows 8 realm yet -- nor do I think Nokia would be the one to bring us one. Not at first, anyway. I'm guessing ~10"
  • Nokia apps would be nice. They seem to be doing their share to boost the WP platform app selection, hopefully they will have some useful ones for W8 RT.

So what do you guys think? What would Nokia have to do different to make you want to buy their tablet over the competition?

Let's leave out the ridiculous "dream device" specs that are always brought up in these speculations. There's always a few people who bring up unrealistic ideas of what future devices might have. For example, the GSIII speculation was rife with hopes of things like flexible displays, ridiculous camera and display resolutions, 2Ghz+ clock speeds with octa-core chips, etc. Let's keep it real ;)