Apple and Google should watch out for Microsoft While the comments are true, I believe it can be even simpler. Where is the potential? How far can each device/company go? While MS got back into the game late, they can solidly gain control by stranglehold. I will explain. Microsoft: PC Laptop Tablet Phone Household Appliances Servers Cars Xbox Office Equipment Manufacturing Equipment Apple: PC MacBook Tablet Phone Google: Chromebooks Tablet Phone If you compare the possibilities and MS exploits them all prior to allowing the competition to 'get it', MS will serve as the #1 in just about every area we can imagine (communications wise). MS reaches into too many things. Too many electronics rely on Dos based language for computations and instruction. When MS reaches into these areas where you can natively access all areas of your life electronically through the MS OS and forego intrusive apps and inconvenience, the competition will fade away. Convenience allows for competition, at the moment. My only question regarding MS is management. How over the last 10 years has MS not been prepped for this? I am not confident that MS is fully looking at the big picture. While Win 8 is revolutionary in Core design, MS should have prepped all the other platforms to accept the advances in technology for a seamless environment to occur. Even now their communication across platforms that share the same core is cumbersome. While I am sure it will improve, MS was/is unprepared and that is a little unnerving. thoughts?