Am I the only Amazon Fire HD fan under 40?

So here's the deal: I've been a huge Android lover since my Evo 4G, so when I went looking for a tablet I had assumed I'd get the Nexus 7. I didn't want a 10+ inch, and had written off the Kindle Fire as an "old person" tablet.

But then I realized my Android phone would be very similar to the Nexus 7 experience with just extra screen. Also, all I planned to use the tablet for was some Hulu, music and e-books.

So I eventually decided on the Kindle Fire HD and absolutely love it. Sure it's not pure Android and is a restrictive ecosystem, but I like how it's not just like my phone, plus Amazon is great for content.

Anyone else in a similar boat? All I see on here is Nexus 7 love, and I feel like the kid with a knock off bike at the playground.