The infamous AMOLED

Firstly, apologies if this has been mentioned ad nauseam.

Today I noticed something sad on my Galaxy S screen other than the fact that I am still using a Galaxy S (I try to leave it for the next best thing, but for some reason I stick with it; like the abusive spouse I'm unable to free myself from.) Staying on topic, I noticed something that I haven't come across in the two & a half years from owning the phone. Today I noticed...burn in.

In all the articles I've read about all the different screen technologies there was the occasional mention of burn-in for AMOLED screens. "Pfff" I'd balk. "I don't see any on mine, nor have any friends with their S & S2's mention it.

No, most articles are about pentile this, and over-saturation that; two "faults" I have no qualms with whatsoever. I watch many videos on the phone and find the calibrated saturation level to give them a bit of extra life. Pentile orientation never concerned me. It wasn't an issue before better screens came along so why would it now? At that time in the smartphone race I found the screen to be beautiful. I still do.



Perhaps it's the dark levels? Such a void, as stars set against its deep abyss on a clear night. How dramatic. Yet, there is a warmth to the screen that I don't find in others. It's definitely something.



...I found the screen to be beautiful. I still do.

Experiencing an issue that is more objective now, I find my impression with the technology cast in doubt. Is this just an issue with early AMOLED screens? I message my friend and ask him to take a look at the homescreen on his S-AMOLED+ SGSII. He changes his launcher homescreen setting to hide the notification bar as I have it.



"I see it," he types. "I still see the notification bar - especially the top-right corner where the time is displayed." My suspicion - confirmed. My certainty for AMOLED - sent into remission. This is not my next.





It is just a screen, but I can't help feel uneasy about the millions of other Galaxy owners. Will they all one day notice and cry foul? The SII is well shy of its 2nd birthday yet here we sit with confirmed cases. For the most part, LCD trumped Plasma in the TV market and we know burn-in to be one of several factors for plasma's less-popular status. Relatively recent plasma televisions include features to counter burn-in. Displays with a few tricks to help prevent the damage. Is AMOLED headed this way, is it already here in the SIII, or is it a technology forever stamped with an expiry date? Will OLED suffer the same long term affects? Have you experienced burn-in on your AMOLED screen, and if so do you care, or disregard it?

For now, I remain cautious. Obviously other display tech have equaled and surpassed that of AMOLED. My next may very well be IPS+ or Super LCD, but I will miss that something.