Good Jailbreak Tweaks for an Android Crackflasher?

So this happened.

And that means I've been using an iphone 4 for about a week. I know how to deal with the weak built-in email, but between the shiny candy-themed default springboard, gaudy gradients and the way most apps have their own, dumb, unchangeable notification sounds, this thing is driving me nuts, I finally broke down and jailbroke it. Now, my trouble is that Cydia is a disastrous mess and I can't find anything of consequence. I have Winterboard and Bytafont along with F.lux and iFile, but beyond that I'm somewhat stuck. There are a boatload of themes with stupid names, but it takes cydia about a week to load screenshots, so browsing is slow and frustrating. Search isn't super helpful because I have no idea what to search for, while I'm well steeped in the Android hacking world, I'm new to this one. I leave it to you Verge Jailbreakers: what are your favourite Jailbreak tweaks?