Would you go NEX-6 or NEX-7?

Let's say you were cross shopping the NEX-7 and 18-55 with the new NEX-6 and 16-50 power zoom. If they were the same price, which one would you go with? Here's a comparison between the two if you don't know all the specs.

The way I see it, the 6 is the newer camera and better in almost every way, especially with all the new Wi-Fi stuff. The phase detection autofocus should cut down on seeking when there's little contrast, and help with tracking moving subjects. And the power zoom is also less than half the length of the old 18-55, which makes the whole package a lot more pocketable.

Where the 7 shines is in its handling. The twin dials let you control, say, aperture and exposure compensation without having to reach for the back of the camera. And while I used to think the 6 would be comparable since it has the standard NEX dial on its back, DPReview points out that you need to hit the proper button on the D-Pad first in order for it to control anything. The NEX-6 isn't a "real" two-dial camera after all, at least not with the current firmware.

I've been shooting the 5N for almost a year and I can get by without two dials. The single dial on the NEX-6 would be a huge step up on its own. But when I play with the 7 in the store I'm reminded how much easier having two dials made it to control my old D90. Way easier. Up till today I thought there was a significant price difference between the two cameras, which put the 6 in the lead, but now that I know they cost the same thing I'm totally incapable of making a decision. So tell me, for your style of shooting, which one would you buy?