Upgrade experience

I have a few issues due to having an ancient monitor, but two other problems have presented themselves making the upgrade less than pleasant.

First, the Media Center Upgrade, although a little tedious, at least pretended to work as intended. My problem however was it wouldn't work for Live TV. The entire point of installing it. It's suggested solution to the problem was a no go. I feel incredibly lucky because I found some guy on the internet who posted the exact solution to the problem. One I would have never in a thousand years stumbled upon myself. I don't know why this error happened to begin with, but it made the process much more frustrating than it should have been.

Second major problem. I was going to check out the new free streaming music from Xbox. Well, I can't play any music. Error message again. I still haven't tracked down the solution to this problem, but it's not fun when you finally....finally get the OS up and running, and it still doesn't work.

Oh well, c'est la vie.