The Question Me and My Friends are Trying To Wrap Our Heads Around.

Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, IFad.
Apple is what's cool right now. Each new product is bought almost blindly by most (Apple) consumers every new release. It's whats fashionable, popular, the best. Apple is praised by many and seems to set a new standard for devices with every release. This was a great year for Apple, the Iphone 5 released and was a huge hit. While Ipad mini sales weren't what they expected, they still sold an staggering amount of them. Stocks went up. They won their lawsuit against Samsung. All of this happened and they still managed to undersell Android devices.
In Q3, even with the Iphone 5 release, apx. 75% of devices sold were Android devices. Overall this year apx 62.46% of mobile devices sold were Android powered. (Please excuse for mathematical error I may be a bit off).
We keep asking ourselves, why is Apple "popular" when it isn't?
Maybe you guys can help us out, give us some ideas.