UK: Experience at Phones4U and Currys

I am writing this on Surface with my touch cover on my lap so excuse any typos :P ...Well I thought I would share the following experience I had in my local Phones4U shop and Currys computer retailer. So I want into Phones4U and they had a dummy white Nokia 920 on display. I inquired about prices and yes you can get this phone unlocked sim free. But then the guy asked my why I was going for Nokia and I explained I liked the camera and wanted the satnav feature. He then suggested looking at the HTC 8X and said its a nice phone but probably not as well made as the Nokia. I thought fair enough... but then his colleague came up and also questioned my decision. I said the Nokia had more capacity and I wanted to put my music on it as I have a 40GB music collection that I would like to put most of it on the phone. The reply I got was that I shouldn't put it on the phone as it would slow it down! and am better having off having a dedicated device for music and also recommended the HTC! So it seems my branch of Phones4U are heavily promoting the HTC as the first choice for a Windows 8 phone. Next I popped into Currys to see what Windows 8 PCs were available. Most of the people milling around were cautious of the new Windows 8 interface and to be honest looked a bit clueless. I think Microsoft are going to have an uphill struggle promoting the new interface. I was then heading the way out the store and overheard a guy with his 6-7year kid asking the sales woman if they were selling or had the Surface on show. The woman said no. The guy proceeded to say its bad business that you are not selling it. I didn't have the heart to say to him that MS are not allowing it to be sold in normal retail shops and that I actually owned one :P He then walked out the shop talking with his kid saying its crazy they don't have the latest technology in the store.... I would have split my post into paragraphs but it looks like the verge forum does not recognise carriage returns in my text when writing this on the Surface.