Why I want nokia to succeed and why you need them to

I'm not going to lie, I'm a nokia fan boy and I have been since sometime in 2003 when I got my 3650. Nokia in my opinion was the biggest innovator in mobile past, and still is in mobile future. I really believe that without Nokia pushing tech forward we will see far less innovation. I'm to start with what Nokia already gave us


1992 first digital gsm phone

1994 first mobile that could send data, sms and fax

1996 first communicator, really the first smartphone.

1998 first phone with changeable covers

1998 first phone with snake, starting the gaming industry on phones

1999 first phone with s40 and more importantly a wap browser

2002 first phone with a camera that can take video, this phone also had multitasking

2005 first phone that could record and watch tv shows

2006 first phone with gps

2009 first phone with always connected internet connection

So thats some nokia first, but also it has many areas where it has done the best and this is more subjective but bear with me



Nokia has always pushed imaging, not the first camera phone, but often the best. Till today nokia is one of the only phone maker that is pushing imaging foward in a meaning full way.

Lets look at the last 2 years/cycles of phones.

Samsung put pretty much the same camera in the GS2 and GS3, it was amazing in the GS2, and today still one of the best in the GS3 with little improvement. Because only Nokia has really moved foward.

Apple has made the Iphone 5 even thinner so it had to make the camera module smaller, but got the same if not better performance out of it. Thats really amazing, but if they kept the phone the same size imaging the quality of the images they could get.

HTC really moved foward with the oneX, but it was to catch up. HTC has historically really bad cameras. Added a dedicated processor to the camera to help it be faster and more powerful. Put a 16mp in the titan 2 that really underwhelmed.

Sony keep pushing higher MP count than some of the other androids, but none are camera leaders. Odd since sony knows cameras, and had some of the best dumbphone cameras back in the day. They just can't keep up.

Motoralla hasn't done anything really worth talking about in imaging.

Nokia put out the n8 in 2010 and 2 years later the only phones that can out shoot it are other Nokia phones. The follow up to the n8 was the 808 and that blew everything out of the water. I doubt anyone will catch the 808 outside of nokia for many years to come. Now the first lumias had underwhelming phones, Nokia fixed the low light issue with the 920. Say what you want about the daytime photos being "not amazing, just good" right now, that I have a feeling will be fixed with software.

Other are focusing on burst shot, or photo in video. Nokia is doing OIS and pixel binding. Also note Nokia is the only one using xenon flash, and its led's are also the fastest on the market. When it comes to imaging you can't really say anyone is doing anything close to as exciting as Nokia.


This is more subjective than the cameras. Nokia is the manufacture that isn't cheaping out here. Apple does solid and probally second best on the Iphone. Samsung usually does ok in its Galaxy phones, but did horrible with its Nexus. HTC almost always fails here. Sony did great with its playstation phone, but underwhelms with the rest. Motorola is all over the board but never really amazing from what I have seen. Going back to the n8, it out did the Iphone by a lot. No I never owned an Iphone, but I have lots of friends with them and they were always jealous of the quality I got out of my n8 compared to their Iphones. The 808 again goes above and beyond to what the n8 did. the Lumia 900 was pretty bad and the 920 again is supposed to have really nice speakers on it. This is something that isn't talked about much with phones on most sites, but most of us use the speakers on our phones more than the cameras.


Pixels aside nokia in the last few years have been pushing screens ahead in meaningful ways. Why I said pixels aside is that both symbian and WP had framework locking into pixel ratios. Nokia has been the leader with outdoor readability, Nokia's CBD has been a big part of this. Samsung has done thing similar but not with the success of Nokia. From the 701,N9, L900, 808, and L920 all outdid the competition with outdoor readability. All with the CBD. Now they are going for puremotion, and in the first phone they said it hasn't been totally noticeable, but with gaming getting bigger I think this is really important.

Outside of complaining about low pixel count due to framework , all leading Nokia phones have had nothing but good things to say about them. Contrast, colors, outdooor readability.


This is really nokia vs android. And again subjective. I will give it to google with searching within maps. But mapping, navigation, and ease of use goes to nokia. Here is why

Offline, you can download whatever you want, states, countries. Not just a radios around you. This is a big deal. No one does this like nokia and if your going on a long trip you need more than a set amout of miles. At least here in the States we have dead areas.

Drive Mode, an easy to use mode while driving with large easy to touch buttons.

Navigation, nokia has more experience and more importantly data coming in to help this.


As of March 2011 nokia has put nfc into all of its smartphones capable of using it. WP7 didn't support it. No other manufacter has done this. I know NFC hasn't taken off yet, but if all the others have been this serious then I would be willing to make a bet it would be further along. Samsung is the only other one right now making a big deal out of it.


This goes to platform, but since nokia ran symbian. Symbian was the only platform to support full bluetooth. I could share bluetooth from a symbian to a feature phone, or to meego, maemo. Not android/ios/wp. This more goes into Nokia always supporting open standards which is alway good for us. Apple is the opposite of this. Google does good on this, but not as good as nokia.


Nokia phones have always been leaders with being green and its the only company that can say this historically


Nokia started and new poly carb, and now HTC is using it and doing very well with it. When the n9 came out this was so new and amazing. But look back more on how devices look and feel. Nokia has always pushed boundries here. Don't beleive me GSM Arena does a good job of archiving old phones. Go look at thier nokia pages and be amazed. All samsuns just look boing and Samsung. HTC does better, but not Nokia good. Lets look at sliders. The n97/e7 design was durable and amazing.

Lets look at where they failed but had the right Idea.

Cloud. Nokia had a thing called nokia files back around 2007, that you could install on your pc and have access to certain folders on the go. You could send files back and fourth. They were doing this while IOS and Android were still in dipers. Yes they failed.

Ngage. Mobile gaming, nokia knew it was going to be big before 2003. So they did somthing about it. They went after big game makers to get them titles and make games just for mobile.

Smartphones :), yeah symbian failed, but nokia lead the charge here.

Open source, meamo, meego nuff said. I would go on more, but it makes me sad.

Music on mobile. Nokia made music specific phones, also launched nokia music.

Mobile Chat, they made ovi chat.

Marketing. "Connecting People". Nokia has failed marketing so badly, but now apple and samsung are using a version of this. Nokia had the right idea again, wrong delivery.

I could go on and on, but Nokia has been on the right side of almost all mobile innovatoin services, they just didn't have the talent to make it work. Saying why is a whole other thing. But nokia has tried these thing and tried to move mobile foward.


Nokia is a historically an amazing company trying so many things, doing some right and some wrong, but always pushing foward. They are still doing this today. Even through this tough transition. We need more Nokias to keep mobile moving.

Apple is the anti Nokia and we need them to. Apple really didn't start to invent anything, they make what is already out there easier to use and more reliable. But apple doesn't really make anything "The best" they make it "the easiest and most reliable".

Samsung is kind of the spec king, pushing the highest resolution, fastest processors, and we need that to. But we need more than that. Their builds and designs are stale, they try to be apple and get sued. For the size that Samsung is and the power they have right now they sould be able to beat nokia at thier game, but they want to be apple. i can't blame them apple is winning. But if everyone is apple we as consumers will loose.

HTC is in thier own struggle right now, can't beat samsung at android, now going after nokia with wp, but thats to small. HTC seems to be the best in the middle, good at all, best at none. But HTC has been so historically cheap. Untill the last year or around the time of the titan and the mytouch 4g, they had horrible cameras. To this day they fail with speakers and sound quality. They make thin phones with high res screens, but thats not enough.

We have the technology to have the "perfect phone", but we loose it to pentile, or bad speakers, avgerage camera, no LTE, not enough memory, no expandable memory, etc... Nokia seems to me to be the only company pushing foward the things that aren't measured in specs. The little things is what makes something perfect. Nokia is the one doing that. Like Balmer said you have to be like a shark and never stop swimming or you die. Its all these reasons above why I'm a Nokia fanboy and why I want them to succeed. They seem to be the only ones capable of building my "perfect phone" or now and of the future.