Are there any actually good phones coming out?

This question has been in my mind for a month or so and it bothers me like crazy. It seems like every phone that comes out has compromises. The iPhone 5 has good specs and a great looking design but with such a small screen size and a (what I consider) stale OS, I'd never get it. Then there's Windows Phone. Windows Phone isn't an OS that you get absorbed into like Android or iOS. This glance and go function, although even marketed as a cool feature, seems limiting and really boring. And last there's android, which now has a great ui but has horrible hardware. I've looked at the options and there seems to always be a negative side, such as skins, no software buttons, or a completely ugly design. Why doesn't someone come out with a good phone already? And why is the competition always toe-to-toe or even a step behind Apple? Why doesn't someone actually jump ahead for once?.