Windows 8 Experience

How is everyone's experience with Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro or RT right now? Any issues if you upgraded or in general with the OS?

I have a Samsung RC-512 laptop that I upgraded and everything is pretty positive overall for me. The upgrade process was painless and only took about an hour or so (I didn't do a clean install). The only issues that I still have is that my printer (a Lexmark X4550) does not yet have a driver for 8 as far as I know and is not compatible at all. The other thing is that I wish Samsung would push out a driver for my touchpad. It has multi-gesture support already, but I wish I could gain the Windows 8 gestures for the pad. All the apps seem solid to me except for the mail app. It cannot sync anything beyond a month, and I don't always get a notification for an email. Does anyone know if there is a way to empty the Deleted folder or Junk folder without having to select each message and clicking the trashcan icon to clear the Deleted folder?