Mailbird - Email Made Simple


Have you heard of Mailbird?

Mailbird is a new and exciting email application for Windows.
No more boring, cluttered, slow and just plain old-school email experiences.
Mailbird will make you productive and love email again!

  • The world needs a better Windows email application!
  • Something that's clean, simple and intuitive.
  • Something that can integrate the best features in the world of online communication and productivity into one sleek package.
  • Mac-like design with awesomely intuitive Windows usability.


In the last 2 months Mailbird has easily saved me a whole hour of my life - minimum. This is due to Mailbird being so darn fast! Mailbird is so fast in my opinion that you can hardly tell the difference between using it and using web mail. Mailbird's productivity also comes from all the apps supplied within the application, such as dropbox, google calendar, google drive, facebook & more!

Mailbird IS the future of email! Mailbird is paving the way for a desktop email experience that is fun, simple, and secure without sacrificing speed or stability!

So please support Mailbird on Kickstarter! Not only are you supporting a great piece of software, but you are supporting a dedicated team that cares about "YOU" the user above all else.


Mailbird has been in development for sometime now and has recently entered Early Beta.
I was one of the few selected to take part of their Early Beta and have been blown away by this application!

This email application has flown well under the radar and could really use a kick into the public eye, so that is why I thought to place a small post here, to inform my fellow users of the verge about Mailbird.

Please also check them out on Kickstarter: