Google Now as the launcher?

OK, so I'm probably going to get destroyed by die hard Android fans for this, but when Joe Belfiore said that Android's rows of apps on the launcher were stagnant, I kinda agreed (not going to go into his comments about copying Apple for obvious reasons).

In my opinion, Google Now is the most innovative feature of Android. I remember reading some article that called it the future of Android itself. So it got me thinking; what if the launcher were part icons, part Google Now and part notifications? It might look like this:



Sorry about the crappy mockup, I put it together quickly. Possible cons of this design could include "information overload" and excessive scrolling. Maybe this could be remedied by stacking notifications? Or maybe notifications should remain separate. Meh.

Also, what about widgets? I admit I'm not a huge fan of widgets, but maybe they could just reside on the lockscreen, like in Android 4.2.

Oh, while I'm here, two other things I'd love to see in the next major release:

  1. Gestures to replace on screen buttons. Swipe in from the left for "back", down for homescreen, up for multitasking etc. etc.
  2. A unified messaging platform. Seriously Google, get it together.
  3. Project Olive Oil. Cause to be honest, Android could still do with being a bit smoother.

PSD Templates I used: Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Google Now