Why Should/Would You Choose WP8 over Android 4.2? (Update)

I have posted a similar thread in Android Army.

Basically, Up to now, I wanted a Lumia 920, in Cyan or Grey only, but since Nokia is practically taking the piss, i have now reset all my fanboy gauges and am open to any phone, except iPhone now.

I have been using HTC Mozart and Galaxy Nexus over the past two years and apart from the camera on both phones, rest of the experience has been positive. GN is quite slow but with N4, i dont see that being an issue with 4.2.

I have sold my Galaxy Nexus, for £200, im proud to share, and will buy a phone no later than 13th of November.

Note: i am very familiar with Android, and will become familiar with WP8 because i bought an HTC 8X for my sister today, so i will use it as well.

please, go ahead and help me make a good decision.



As mentioned in the article, i bought my sister an HTC 8X and after using it for a day, i am incredibly impressed with the hardware but have very mixed feelings about the software.

All the older apps work fine but are similar to iphone 5 where you get a black bar on top and/or bottom and sometimes on the side, that of course is for devs to update their apps but this scares me as not many devs updated their apps to 7.5 (7.1 in the SDK) even though all they had to do was to add 1 line of code.

overall the performance is very very smooth and it's really fast. major problems with the browser however. Even though in the 8X review, the verge was rendered correctly, both the full site and mobile site, i had a different experience and im not quite sure why.



I really have no idea why this is.

Im increasingly leaning towards the Nexus 4 and i think i will 100% go for it IF lumia 920 is not available in Grey or Cyan in UK because i have sold my phone, i dont have a smartphone atm and i cant wait beyond 13th of November, so i have actually left my decision to Nokia. on the 13th of November, i shall buy either Nexus 4 (16GB) or Lumia 920 in cyan or grey, whichever comes first.

thanks to all of you for taking time, i have read all the comments and really glad The Verge Forums exist where i can get people's perspective from different backgrounds etc and i hope i can be of help in the near future.

i will update this thread once i purchase my smartphone, whatever it may be!