Why The Verge has to stop scoring

Hello The Verge,

I really love the work you do here and I really have enjoyed to be reading your Site for the whole past year, but in the last time something has become really annoying:

The Discussion about Scores being to high or to low.

On the one hand I know that you want your reviews to be comparable and you also want to give a Product a Rating to clarify what is the value of the product to the reviewer.

But as other blogs have also been noticing: The point of View of everybody is different and everybody has different opinions on every part of a Device and values everything differently. I know that the scores are based on the reviewers Opinion, but still people complain about it, because they have developed a passion about a product and they want the product to be honored in a way that he thinks it is right. As I have watched the last Vergecast i noticed that you truly want to give fair scores and it is not that Joshua Topolsky dislikes everything Microsoft does or that reviewers are 'biased', but they try to rate products fairly and having in mind the needs of the average customer.

But exactly here lies the Problem: What is the average customer ? I can for sure say, that I am not the average person who buys a smartphone in the eyes of The Verge, but so is nobody I know. I am from Germany and I know nobody who uses Dropbox, so a Dropbox integration would not be interesting for me or any of the Persons I know, but for me a seamless Integration with Facebook would be nice. So I would rate a Phone higher, but you probably would rate it lower. Everybody has its point and so let it be fine. But it is not like this if you are a Site as huge as The Verge. I really get annoyed everytime I read people complaining about a score, but on the other hand i understand them.

So here is my point: Stop giving review scores and concentrate more on comparisons in the review. So if you review a product say that it does not fit ones need if it for example needs Gmail-Integration, but it would perfectly work for a person using a Third-Party E-mail account. People would actually base their opinion on the review itself instead of the Score that is just summarizing the Review.

I hope that there are more people thinking like me and I also hope that you will consider my opinion. If you dont stop using scores I totally understand that, but please make sure people stop complaining about them. You could also write a feature about how you give scores and openly express your opinion in written words as you did on the Vergecast.