Why people don't want Microsoft to recover their monopoly status...

There was a question a while ago about why people hate Microsoft so much. Obviously the people asking this question don't remember or didn't follow what Microsoft was doing when it was declared a monopolist. I think this guy does a good job answering some of that, and how Microsoft still hasn't changed much, especially now after FTC stopped monitoring them for monopolistic behavior:


"Ex web application developer and expert on IE here. Yes, it is. For those key reasons:

  1. It was integrated into the kernel so deeply, there were special undocumented APIs only for IE functionality. That meant faster startup times and faster rendering back then. But it opened the system to a whole bank of security holes. There were whole websites dedicated to its security holes that went unfixed for years and allowed full access to to the system. Those holes basically were the whole reason those first trojans and Internet viruses succeeded. (Remember that Outlook used IE’s engine internally too. So an e-mail was enough.)
    And what did Microsoft do? Instead of fixing those bugs… they sued the websites listing the bugs out of existence. Now the only ones knowing about those bugs where the criminals (includes MS). The rest of us had no chance of protecting against them anymore. That went on for years.
  2. Microsoft intentionally made the engine (Trident) incompatible with the W3C standards, created an incompatible JavaScript implementation and even attempted a incompatible Java implementation (for which they were sued). The point of this is their wel-known EEE (embrace, extend and extinguish) policy. First they implement your stuff, then they introduce incompatibilities, and then, through the power of monopoly, they pushed the original inventor out of the game. They tried to kill Sun. Literally. And to get rid of the W3C. For total web dominance.
  3. And they nearly fully succeeded. It’s what’s called the “web dark ages” between the death of Netscape (which they murdered, using their OS monopoly, too), and the rise of Mozilla. The times of IE 5–6. You will see that in that time, nearly zero progress in both web site and browser development happened. Opera were the only ones improving anything (and nearly all Firefox ideas, including tabs, were from there). They simply didn’t give a fuck, because they had a monopoly. And we all suffered without knowing what we missed.
  4. Their implementation of the standards was therefore of course horribly bad. By far the most time it took to develop a web page/site was IE workaround time. Making webdev three to five times more expensive for clients. And the bugs. Oh the bugs. I swear to you, that from time to time I still have horrible nightmares from when I was paid to write a real web application (think: OS X mock-up with network file system withoutthe AJAX API, full widget toolkit and video player) for IE 6. Every single one of us loathed IE, and still does.

I can and will not ever forget or forgive Microsoft for that. Nor will I ever be able to stand idly by when somebody uses or supports IE.

Yes, their standard support has gotten a lot better. And they finally started to fix some of the publicly known bugs. But ONLY because Mozilla and now Chrome made them shit their pants. If they’d get back to a monopoly, you can bet your ass that they will do the exact same shit again.

And MS delivered the best proof of all, that I am still right with my views, when they recently got rid of their probation officer, for the last crime they were convicted for. The very next day, they injected the mole that is Steven Elop into Nokia, basically killing it, with 9000 engineers and workers leaving the company in protest on the spot. And they put their shitty WP7/8 on Nokia phones. And what did they do?
They again, made IE non-replaceable and “hard-wired” into the OS. And promptly got sued for it. (Guess I’m not the only one who did not forget.)

The only people, who at this point defend Microsoft, or use IE, are people who either are too young to remember, never were informed in the first place (Both not a shame. But please trust somebody with the experience, OK? We mean well, and care for you!) or have the the brain of a gold fish. (Aka. election syndrome.)

To us who remember the days of MS killing Borland, all the monopolistic behavior, and the many many convictions, of which they got out by “giving ‘free’ licenses to schools”… (like a drug dealer getting out of jail by giving “free” drugs to school children)… MS is the company equivalent of a multiple-time convicted mass-murderer and criminal.

Some people think that even such a person, after having done his time in jail… should be treated like a normal person again. I don’t think you can ever ever trust such a person or let him near your children again."