White Lumia 920 & Wireless Charging Plate & FREE NOKIA 360 PLAY SPEAKER!

Hey Guys,

So i've just ordered my Lumia 920 after from phones4u, Not sure if you guys already know this but thought i would post just incase some people didn't. When you order the 920 they throughing in a free wireless charging plate (standard across most retailers stocking the phone) but they are always giving away to the first 500 orders a Nokia play 360 speaker!! Sweet deal if you ask me

Tap to charge & tap to play from now on with nfc! So excited to get my phone...There is a wait though so next couple of weeks need to hurry up and go!

If you were going to order the phone anyway you may aswell do it now and get the free speaker!

(UK Only...sorry international people...I'm sure there will be similar if not the same offers in your country)

Sorry if this has already been posted but i had a quick look and couldn't see anything