Lumia 920: Sound Recording

I haven't heard much about how well the 920 records audio. So I thought I would post a few samples I found.

Recording in a concert:

Short Lumia 920 party recording (via Glenn Ruysschaert)

Overall doesn't sound bad.... The music and the sounds from people come through rather clear, but why stop recording just before the bass drops ? ;-)

An outdoor recording:

Nokia Lumia 920: test OIS (via NokiaDay)

Notice the sounds of the leaves and the wind and the person's footsteps. Towards the end you can even hear some people talking in the distance.

Recording inside of a car playing loud music:

Nokia Lumia 920 Review | Loud Recording (via Anon Nymous)

Fairly clear sound, nice bass that translates directly to my speakers at home.

Some car and bus engine sounds from the street:

Nokia Lumia 920 sample video (night, 720p) (via Engadgets)

The deep guttural sounds from the Bus at then end is quite nice.

808 night recording compared to the 920:

Nokia 808 vs Lumia 920 Night Video Comparison (via iPadJuanfpo96)

For comparison here is an iPhone 5 video shot in similar conditions

Apple iPhone 5 Night time Sample Video (via PhoneArena)

Overall to my ears the sound recording abilities on the 920 seem quite good. What's really impressive to me is the bass level... Where other phones tend to sound very "tinny" or like they are recording from a bucket the 920 seems to pick up a broad range of frequencies without getting overwhelmed resulting in a much clearer sound.

Though I can't speak to whether it's as good as the 808.