Game sizes.

Game sizes are getting bigger and bigger. When I look at the size of games now I start to wonder about how viable it is going to be downloading them in the coming years. The 360's DVD drive has, somewhat, kept game sizes modest in their size due to its size limitations. But, that hasn't stopped all games from staying at a reasonable size. Regardless of why they are getting bigger, PS3 games are huge. inFamous 2 is 15gb, Uncharted 1&2 are 20gb a piece,Uncharted 3's game data is the same as the previous 2, but with the amount of additional content it goes up to 45gb, and God of War 3 is 30+gb. Multi-platform games are getting larger and larger; Mass Effect 2&3 are 15gb each, L.A. Noire is 23gb and RAGE is 25gb.

That's pretty crazy. And this is when only one system has a high capacity format. How viable will downloading games be when every system next console cycle has a 25gb format for distribution? Interesting to see.