Problem with the Nexus 4 review

Disclaimer: I haven't used a Nexus 4, therefore I don't have any perspective on the device itself. This is simply a short critique of the review.

The biggest problem I have with the review is that it doesn't approach the device on its own terms. The review basically knocks the phone for not being a Verizon (or, to a lesser extent AT&T) LTE device.

Here's the deal: the Nexus 4 is a Global GSM device and should be reviewed on those terms. The Nokia Lumia 920 review doesn't knock the phone for being an AT&T exclusive, why should the Nexus be punished for the same thing? It would be like complaining that a European Ford Mondeo only had a version with the driver's seat on the right side. It's a freaking European car! You can't approach a review wishing that the device was designed for another network (or road).

From reading the review, it sounds as if the the phone would have received at least a 9.0 if it were considered simply as an international GSM device (or a T-Mobile exclusive). Josh was just pissed that it wasn't made for his network of choice... This isn't an issue with THIS device, and he shouldn't take his frustration out on IT. If he wants Google to make an American LTE variant, he should take that up with Google and the carriers OUTSIDE of the review.

Just my 2 cents...