HELP. Windows 8 Upgrade Offer downloads wonky file. HELP, PLEASE.

Hello guys!

So, yesterday, Nov. 3, I purchased Windows 8 Pro though Microsofts Upgrade Promotion. After (gladly) spending $39.99, I proceded to download the 2GB file and install.

If only it were so simple.

For the past 24 hours, I've been scouring the internet searching for a fix to my issues. Here's the deal: The file downloads fine, no problem. It then asks me whether I want to install right away, install later from the Desktop, or create a media installation, those 2 being ISO for a DVD, or USB.

If I select USB, the little Windows 8 Installation Assistant program simply tells me there's an issue with the file, and it can't be done. I can select ISO for DVD, I can burn said ISO to a DVD, but the installation seems... incomplete. Halfway through the installation (via DVD) the PC will restart. Just like that. It doesn't ask me the regular questions (you know, the PC name, the time, all that stuff that happens during installation).

So, I restart, re-install. Nothing. Format, clean install. Nothing. Different partition, NOTHING. Different HARD DRIVE, NOTHING.

I just installed an old copy of Win XP I had lying around, just to check if maybe it was hardware related. Nope, it's definitely the ISO that I downloaded from Microsoft. I re-downloaded the file from their servers, still the same thing.

What should I do? That's my work PC, I can't keep XP on it.