Sync opened Tabs from Opera to iPhone

Hey people of the internet, I did a Google search with the result in shape of a bagel. I'll go straight to the point, I need your help in resolving this problem I have. I'm currently using Opera on my Mac (please, don't try to convince me to move to Chrome or whatever the browser of your choice is, like other people tried to do, I'm happy with Opera) and my final exams or graduation exams (whatever it's called in the place, you're living) and I'll to heavy research. From now on, I've got the be in sync. When I open a tab on my computer, it should be open or at least synced in any way to my phone. What I want is to sync all the opened tabs in Opera (12.02, Mac OS X 10.8.2) to my iPhone (Mobile Safari, iOS 6.0 jailbroken). Is there anything out there? Help, please! Thanks in advance and greetings from Austria. PS: The graduation exam here is called "Matura". Just a fun-fact :-)