Nexus 4 - price €599 outside Google Play and No LTE .(Does Google really own android)?

Google's flagship smartphone with LG was a disappointment at first sight due to lack of LTE support but the Android fans (to some extent) agreed with the search giant's lame excuse for not putting high speed radios in their flagship device.


The message sent was loud and clear - Google is playing for full control over it's nexus products and would not compromise any aspect of the Android Experience device weather it's software on the phone or the way it is sold to end user.

The lack of LTE was a big factor , But we ( The pure android lovers) tried to keep our enthusiasm high by embracing the fact it costs just $299 (unlocked). And for people in Europe and other developing countries like India ( where 4G networks is not so popular yet ) this was going to be one of the best smartphone at a price that most of the middle class citizens of developing nations can afford .

But now multiple reports from European countries like Italy, Denmark and Austria are indicating that the Korean manufacturer is planning to sell the Nexus 4 ranging between €549-€599. This is definitely a big deal when compared to Google's offering of $299 for the 8GB version and $349 for the 16GB model in the U.S. and €299/€349 in European countries. The Next Web ports that Spanish retailer Phone House has outrightly suspended its plans to sell the Nexus 4 due to LG's higher price plans as seen in a statement published on the retailer's Facebook page. It isn't clear as to which model the retailer is talking about in the said statement.

The message certainly raises questions like what about users in Italy and Austria, where Google Play isn't supported currently? With LG rather preferring to have outside retailers sell the Nexus 4 at a premium price, these countries are left no choice but to purchase the handset at the hiked price.In order for Google to sell the device directly to consumers would require a series of grants and approvals that just may not be possible in certain countries with immediate effect. Hence, users will have to be at the mercy of retailers.

All this leads to the question - Is Google not playing a fare game (Or is not allowed to play fare)?


Is it the fact that google lacks any short of effective control of Android and we (the consumers) are at mercy of the Carriers OEMs and Retailers ?