WP8 Wifi hotspot?

I believe this was available in the Mango update, but only available if the carrier allowed it.

Anybody know if this is the case for WP8? Or any way it will be able to be manually enabled?

This is my only problem with Windows Phone and the only reason I ever think about going back to Android (that and VZW not getting the 920). It probably won't be enough to make me switch back because I absolutely love everything else about WP and we don't use it all that often, but it would be great if there would be a way to enable it.

My wife is upgrading from her Pre2 and I am upgrading from my Trophy, probably both to the Lumia 822. The Pre2 we set up as a wifi hotspot and my DroidX before that. We only do it when travelling, which is not all that often. It would be really nice to do the same to connect our Surface!