A tip to Nexus 4 buyers from outside the US. You don't have to that pay much more for it!

Just thought I'd suggest something to those who are interested in buying the Nexus 4 and the prices in their countries are MUCH higher than the $299-$349 in Google Play store.

You can use a shipment forwarding service provided by companies such as myUS.com. They give you a US shipping Address in Florida, USA, which you can use when you check out from the Google Play store (or any other online merchant who does not ship internationally). There are few other alternatives to myUS but I mentioned them specifically due to a positive experience I had with them in the past before I moved to the United States. Still, I cannot grantee anything for you of course. It's your decision.

Here's a quick calculation of the total cost and shipping time for a 16GB Nexus 4 (US to UK as an example. check rates to your country in the second link below)

-MyUS Standard Membership - $10 USD (I suggest Premium for $20 if you wanna keep using the service)

-Monthly fee - $7 USD, which you can cancel after the job is done. (more info at: http://www.myus.com/en/compare-memberships/)

-Nexus 4 16GB price at the Google Play store - $349 USD

-Shipping cost from US to UK - $34.61 USD (more info: http://www.myus.com/en/international-shipping-rates/)

-Total cost for Nexus 4 16GB in your hands = $400.61 USD or $350.61 USD for the 8GB model (if I read the news right. Nexus 4 will cost $600+ USD in the UK)

-Total shipping time is about a week depending on business days. 2-3 days from Google Play Store to MyUS in Florida, USA. 3-4 days from US to your address shipped overseas via myUS/DHL. (the $34.61 fee which you pay upon the ship order after you get notified by myUS for receiving the package).

Gold luck.