Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 benchmarks

Been doing some digging around because I've been shocked by what the scores for both devices have been in Anandtech's tests. Especially the Cortex A15 scores. Very underwhelming

After doing some digging I'm now pretty sure that there are some SW issues with most of the benchmarks and Android 4.2 or the new kernel. I think GLBenchmark should update the app or Google should update Android to amke it more compatible with benchmarks.

The first evidence I found of the wonky numbers was on GLB's official website. If you look at the numbers for the Nexus 4 they more so coincide with what Anandtech has for the Optimus G. Which leads me to believe that Anands numbers are not so accurate since most of the test's Eygpt HD numbers are really close to what Anand has for the LG OG.

Nexus 4 benchmarks

For comparisons sake: Optimus G benchmarks

Only slightly better than the iPhone 5 on the offscreen test but the iPhone still wins on the onscreen Egypt HD and the Fill benchmarks.

The Nexus 10 with cortex A15 could also be worse because either Android 4.2 broke benchmark suites compatibility or benchmarks are not optimized for cortex A15 yet. The fact that GLB's official website doesn't have a page for the Nexus 10 also leads me to believe that they are not optimized yet for the Exynos 5250 yet. ( I couldn't find it the page anywhere)

I found a post that could probably be the case for the Nexus 10's weak benchmark numbers.

XDA post

I know a lot of people have been turned off by the performance preview that Anandtech did (myself included). But I think we should wait it out before believing those numbers are 100% accurate.