Question: Nokia Drive VS. Drive +

I use my phone as a GPS whenever one is needed. I travel a lot so not having to carry two devices is a big selling point for me. One thing I liked about the Lumia phones was the voice guided turn by turn directions and downloadable maps. But I'm a Verizon customer so the 920 isn't an option. Over the summer I read that all WP8 devices will include Nokia Drive which I thought solved my problem, but now I'm learning that there are two different products; Nokia Drive Plus for Lumia phones and Drive for everyone else.

What's the difference between the two?

Will Drive also included voice guided turn by turn directions?

Has it been confirmed that the 8x will have access to Nokia's Drive app?

The lack of voice guided directions is a deal breaker for me and the site does not mention it as a feature. Am I freaking out over nothing? Please someone talk me down. Thanks!