WP8 will struggle

First of all, let me just say that these are merely my opinions, and I am not here to troll. I have a windows 8 desktop, 1st gen wp7 user for 2 years, and will be picking up a Lumia 920 when it's released in uk. I just have concerns.

its clear WP8 boasts some great hardware choices and a fantastic, beautiful OS, but nothing particularly special that can detract consumers away from IOS or android. Anyone wanting to pay top price for a smart phone these days either buys an iPhone or a galaxy s3 because its what all their friends have, and word of mouth is key to sales. The high end wp8 Nokia lumia is priced similarly to these handsets and arguably just as good, but for people who do not research or enjoy tech like we do, they will see it as an unknown area and not want to risk the purchase.

also, the lumia 920 is exclusive in the uk on the most expensive carrier on a 4g contract which serves less than 10% of the nation so it's not likely at all to sell well here in GB. And it sounds like a lot of the US guys aren't to happy with AT&T exclusivity either.

Now of course the 8x is available across most carriers for a much cheaper price. But compare this to the iPhone and GS3 and the phone doesn't stand a chance. It's running wp8 which again is a relatively unknown OS, cheap, design may or may not appeal to some and htc has a bad reputation for many after being burned by android 2.3 htc handsets.

Most windows phone sales so far have come from sales of the Lumia 800, lumia 710, HTC Radar, etc for low price deals for first time smartphone buyers. I expect this to continue with wp8, with the lumia 820 and htc 8s being the most sold handsets, and the lumia 920 being the choice for the die hard wp fans.

The knock on effect of this will be whenever a WP8 handset is seen out in the wild or introduced to a group of friends it will be via low-medium end hardware and people with associate wp with cheaper phones, compared to luxury items such as the iPhone.

I just really see wp struggling to catch on once again.

A lot of you will disagree and feel free to discuss or argue against me, these are just my opinions, and I will still be buying a lumia 920 ASAP despite Nokias major cock up releasing the phone in the UK. Release date was supposedly last week yet the carriers, retailers and Nokia support don't know when the phones are shipping!!!