QOOQ: Would you use this?

Just got a pitch for this tablet -- "the only tablet produced exclusively in France" -- which has a wacky name: the QOOQ. Or should it be le QOOQ?

It is a tablet that is only used for cooking. Meaning, culinary videos and other food-related content, not like, it's a hot plate.

Already a sensation in France (and the only tablet produced exclusively in France), this Linux-based, 10 inch tablet was created to function as a virtual cooking coach, used from the comfort of your own kitchen. Explore all of its functionalities that include HD videos of Michelin-starred chefs cooking over 4,000 recipes, videos of hundreds of culinary techniques, ingredient fact sheets, a calorie counter, access to your email, social networking platforms, the web and more. Not only is QOOQ revolutionary in its content, but it is also designed to be spill-proof and slip-proof, unlike any other tablet, so can withstand any obstacles the kitchen may have for it.

This is it, for $399: Image001__1_

Kitchen-specific tablet. Is this a real use case? Is there merit in designing tablets for specific purposes?