Nokia failed Lumia 920/820 launch...HTC no better

I went into Phones4U today. They had a massive Windows Phone 8 display, but the Nokia stand was missing the Lumia 920 demo model, and HTC only had a plastic dummy phone.
I asked a member of staff what colours of the HTC Windows Phone 8X they had in stock, I was told they had it in GREEN and BLACK.
A manager came over, took me upstairs and said they had it in purple and black only, and it was only on ONE NETWORK - Vodafone.
It's not bad, £379 sim free, or free on a £30 contract, with unlimited texts, unlimited talk time and 1GB of data.
They have no dates or pricing on the Lumia 920, and think it will arrive sometime towards the end of the month.
So the HTC Windows Phone 8S was no where to be seen, and the "flagship" is on one network, in just two colours, and the Nokia range is no where to be seen.
Oh and as a side note the Lumia 710 is £279 still sim free, and the Lumia 800 is over £350 sim free. All of these devices were still on their WP7 display stand, but turned off.
How lack lustre.