Apple Fans....Can Miracast and AirPlay Coexist?

Hey Apple Fans,

I wrote a post on the Android side regarding Miracast and it being the silent killer feature for Android. You can read it here if you like. Mobile device mirroring has been that hit or miss feature on Android, which basically has been locked into hardware specific devices which in the end are useless once you switch phones.

Miracast would look to erase this by providing a single standard for all devices, like DLNA, which kinda sucks. With most OEMs on board specifically LG and Samsung, I think we will start to see a crop of Miracast Ready TV's start to hit the market in the coming year, starting with the rumored Samsung Echo-P series TV. In addition internet streaming devices and WiDi devices from NetGear will be Miracast compliant by end of year.

We all know Apple has had Airplay a similar feature for years, and while I don't see them actually adopting the standard, as they didn't for DLNA. I think Apple releasing it's own TV would probably provide a firewall to the onslaught of Miracast ready devices, but the window is closing, and the whole iTV thing is still a mystery.

I still think it would be a decent move for both to coexist, giving users a choice even if they are not fully vested in Apple's ecosystem, which I know many folks are not. So Apple fans what do you think, would a Miracast Ready iPhone/iPad/etc. be good or bad for business? Can it coexist with AirPlay?