for thos of you who have a lumia 920, a question about driving directions workflow

now that apparently WP8 devices do not come standard with voice driving directions, I am wondering how the driving directions workflow works? is it the same as with WP7? Specifically I am interested in the following scenario: Suppose I bring up a contact's info, or an email with an address. The OS allows me to click on that address, which in WP7 will take me to Bing maps and from there I can easily get navigation instructions by clicking on the navigation arrow. How will this work on the Lumia 920? I imagine that when I click on an address, as before, it will bring up the map program, but this time it will be Nokia Maps instead of Bing maps as I understand that Nokia naps is replacing Bing maps in WP8. So far so good...what I want to know, is can I now get the driving directions as before by simply clicking on the directions arrow, and this will in turn automatically invoke Nokia Drive? I hope so, as this would remain a seamless process like it was with WP7. Thanks in advance for all replies