Suggestion on how to improve the Scoring - Edit

The Problem:
People are individuals and the reviews are done by an individual. If for example the reviewer lives by GMail and Google Maps, it's only logical for him to rate an Android phone higher than a WP. The problem is that you could see the same thing from the other side, a Microsoft ecosystem user misses Office and Skydrive on Android and loves it on WP.
This sort of thing applies to many facets of a phone. That's why some are arguing one individual should not give a rating at all. BUT I love the product scores. I hate it on engadget, where they got rid of it. You never can really tell if the reviewer thinks the device is good or not.

So I just had an idea (not sure how good it is) - why not add a line to the review like this
Nexus 4: Rating 8.3
Add 1 if... you don't want LTE anyway
Substract 1 if... you need MS Word and Skydrive
You would only write it down if it's really a major concern that would really be worth a whole point (LTE on the Nexus 4 is a good example for this)

This would retain the ability to see what the reviewer thinks of the product, and maybe reduce the outcries by some people. What do you think?


After thinking a little bit more about the issue, I think I figured it out (for me personally). The opinion of one Verge reviewer is very important to me and my buying decisions. I'm interested in what stuff they liked and disliked about the device. On the other hand I do think that the reviews are very subjective (that's not a bad thing per se).

I don't think what I suggested is a good way to improve the situation, I think the solution is to just not rely on just this one review.

In the future I will always just go to and see what the general opinion is - This is based upon the thesis that the mean of ten professional/ thousands of subjective opinions has more informative value than one.