iPad needed next to MacBook Air & iPhone5

Hey guys,

I think this question you can find a lot of times on different websites. A lot of people discuss that in forums etc., but a lot of those discussions are out dated.

So I want to refresh it and bringt it up again.

I actually have a MacBook Air and an iPhone5. I love both devices and use them for work everyday.

When the iPad mini released I was thinking about to buy an iPad, but which one?

iPad 4 or an iPad mini? How much is it worth? Do you really need an iPad4 next to both devices or is an iPad mini enough. The biggest reason I think of that is the bad screen on the iPad mini. When you are used to an iPhone 5 retina screen it's soo bad, seriously, it's horrible in some situations, but it's much more cheeper than an iPad 4.

Do you think an iPad4 is worth its money? It's $499 + Tax and what can you do with it when you already have a MacBook Air and an iPhone5 instead of using it for games and surfing on the coach? Is it really so much more comfortable on a trip (Sight Seeing or whatever) than a MacBook?

Just tell me what you think :) I'm totally excited about your opinions.