Looking for opinions on California Prop 37 - To Label GMO Foods or NOT to Label...

First, here is a panel discussion on the topic.


The standouts for me are the indian scientist speaker, and the originator of the proposition - the last PRO prop 37 grandma.

The proposition essentially requires certain types of foods to be labeled if they contain or may contain GMO. That alone I don't really have a problem with, and the arguments against that strike me as hollow. My problem lies with the fact that the rationale for labeling at its core comes from anti GMO advocates who think GMO are some sort of sinister poison.

I find that attitude and those efforts completely disingenuous and riddled with junk science. I have no problem with GMO in theory, but some of these people do because it's not "natural"

They believe in the naturalistic fallacy, that because something cannot arrive without the hand of man intervening it must be harmful or merely worse than an all natural substance. I can't follow them there because I am not a moron. I would rather stick my cut finger in a vat of neosporin than an aloe vera plant, sometimes were can learn enough about nature to make improvements. But this crowd of anti science radicals wants to scare low information consumers with labels of GMO on food. And when many of these low information consumers search on the internet, they will be corn fed oceans of junk science blasting every GMO under the sun as inferior and likely dangerous.

I don't want that to happen, I think that will cause more harm in this world, but at the same time, I want people to have the freedom to know and make stupid uninformed choices... so I am leaning towards voting FOR prop 37, while holding my nose at the deceptive intentions of the anti GMO crowd.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?