The LG Optimus G: One stupidity away of being your perfect Nexus

The Nexus 4 seems like an awesome device, but if you live somewhere where LTE is supported. I can understand how it could bother you (it kinda bothers me). So I thought the obvious: If you want a Nexus 4, chances are you're an Android enthusiast and kind of geeky.

If this assumption holds true, and you really want LTE, shouldn't you simply buy an Optimus G? The hardware inside is pretty much the same (except it also has a micro-sd slot, is thinner and has hardware buttons, oh, and it supports LTE) so bringing CM10 to the Optimus should be relatively trivial. Sadly, there's a catch: The Optimus G has a locked bootloader.

Do you think people at LG shot themselves in the foot by not shipping it with an unlocked bootloader or at least a simple way to unlock it?