Nexus 4 or Droid DNA

Which one?

I love my Galaxy Nexus LTE. It's a great device despite its poor battery life. The camera isn't great, but its good enough for here in the southeast where its sunny most of the year. And honestly, I don't print any of my camera phone photos at all, I use a real camera for that.

So, what should I do? I want the new Nexus, but do I really want to pay for another plan, even a Straight Talk one?

Jelly Bean will launch on the DNA, and it will probably get decent dev support, but I really don't like to root, even though I have before and haven't had any problems doing so.

Timely updates would be great, but LTE is awesome where I live.

I have two upgrades available and I'm seriously considering waiting out this Nexus for the next. I feel that next year, LTE will be a no-brainer for Google.

The Pros and Cons:




- big, beautiful 1080p SLCD 3 screen

- 32GB

- great HTC build quality


- not stock Android, so no instant updates

- a bit on the big side

Nexus 4


- fast updates from Google



- glass back (even though I think it looks good, I've been wondering how repairs will be handled..)

- no LTE

- would require a new plan of some kind


What do you guys think?