Xbox Surface 7" what's it going to be?

Short Intro:

Ok, let's get this started! I'm super excited about this, even if it's not confirmed yet.

I'm Excited! (via Dallas Baird)

Quick Guidelines:

  • Tell us what you think it's going to be. (Not if it will fail or succeed etc.)
  • Feel free to 'feed' of each other's ideas, but please don't start arguments.
  • And of course follow The Verge community guidelines.

What I think:

Basically I think it's going to be a device that will be similar to the Amazon Fire. Xbox is now bigger than just gaming, it stands for entertainment. I think this will be seen as a content consumption device for Music, TV, Movies and Gaming. I don't know how much it will build on the gaming aspect to be honest. Though I'd love to see what you guys think.