Your wallet weighs more than the Lumia 920

Most people carry a wallet / purse, keys as well as a phone. I can say that my wallet weighs a darn sight more than the 185g of the Lumia 920 and its something I have with me as often as my phone. But I don't make a song and dance about it being too heavy. I suspect many peoples wallets weight alot more than their phones they carry.

So why did the Verge and other "Tech" blogs concentrate so much on the weight of the phone. It's been pointed out by numerous people most Iphone owners use a case.

Iphone 4s - (4.9oz) + Bumper - (1.4oz) = 6.3oz so thats 0.2oz less (yes 5g difference)

So looking at the best selling Iphone 4s case on Amazon to see what people actually do buy and use with their Iphone 4s.

Iphone 4s - (4.9oz) + Otterbox Defender - (1.8oz) = 6.7oz so thats 0.2oz more (yes 5g difference)

Looking around the web it seems that the lightest slim Iphone 5 cases are about 1.4oz, so

Iphone 5 - (3.95oz) + Bumper - (1.4oz) = 5.35oz so thats 1.15oz less (yes 32g difference)

So the Verge is in reality making an issue of 32g in weight difference as being too much for them to manage but then if you give a cursory look at their "whats in your bag" features You see they carry alot of stufff with them so moaning about 32g even in the context of a phone shows up their bias.