Lumia 920 and Google -


I am currently waiting for the lumia 920 and the N4 so that i can spend some time with them before i decide which of the phones i will get. I have been with iOS since 07 and on att. I have a family plan. My current phone is the iphone 4.

Ive used the iPhone 5 already and to be honest, is just the same shit to me now. nothing that iOS6 brings to the table its beneficial to me. Actually, the only reason why I'm still with iOS is because of the Jailbreaks and Google.

I use Google Ecosystem for EVERythinG.

I have been comfortable with iOS over the years since Google provides all of the services i use, expect Maps navigation. I have only invested in iOS apps when it comes to Apple so i can leave any time. Other than that, i use Google for even my Music. I have unlimited data and on Wifi 80% of my time.

how does the Google experience translate to the Lumia 920 and most importantly, Windows Phone 8 ?

thank you.