Tough decision between iPhone 5 & Lumia 920

Hello. I am switching over to AT&T from TMobile and trying to decide between the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920 from Nokia. I would love to hear your opinions on the matter.

Background: first smartphone was a G1 (LOL).... moved over to WP and have been with the platform for the past two years. My first WP was an HTC HD7 which I loved. Nice big screen but a mediocre camera.The HD7 conked out after a while and tmobile gave me a Lumia 710 to replace the HD7 since it was no longer in production. The 710 is an okay budget phone, but The screen, camera, and battery all leave a lot to be desired. I now yearn for a top of the line phone with a nice bright large screen, excellent camera, and fluid OS.

I narrowed my choices down to the Galaxy Note II, iPhone 5, and Lumia 920, but recently decided against the Note since I have an IPad 3rd generation and do not need a phone that large. So now it's down to the 5 and the 920, and this is the hardest decision ever.

The iphone won me over this past weekend after playing with a friend's, and I rushed out the next day to purchase a 32g black iPhone 5. It was an impulse buy due to my desire to have a new phone and to try something different after 2 years with WP, but luckily there were none in stock and I have to wait another week or two for it to arrive. Now that I am waiting for my phone to arrive, I have had some time to rethink my decision and am reconsidering my purchase, especially after the price for the Lumia 920 has been revealed and its a good deal, and will also be available Friday.

For me, the iphone 5 has a beautiful screen and an excellent camera (if not the best). I love the black slate look, and I know a lot of people with iPhones so that's a plus (iMessage, FaceTime). The only thing I am worried about is iOS. I was a little annoyed how I had to open an app to do everything, even just to see information about my friends & family across different social medias. In WP, and I think android, my friends and family's info, pictures, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. aggregate into their profiles in the contacts/people hub, so all I have to do is look at my homescreen, group tile, or people hub and see their information. I do not have to open an app at all. I cannot explain to you how convenient this is. Apps are secondary in WP and I'm a little worried that i might not be able to adjust to the app centric UX of IOS. I love and can deal with iOS on the iPad, being that it isn't my primary device, but I am now wondering if I can handle it on my main device.

Also, after searching for cases for the iPhone and factoring in Apple Care, I began to realize how expensive this purchase was going to be compared to the lumia 920 when it's all said and done. So now I am on the fence. I can afford the purchase of either phone, but its the principal of paying the high premium for the iPhone that has me hesitant when can i get more for less with the 920. The cameras are about equal but the 920 has a bigger screen and more bells and whistles and doesnt require protection from a case. The iPhone has the better design IMO, and better app selection. The 920 has the better OS IMO, and more customization.

This is a tough decision. I know this is apple core, and therefore will be slightly biased towards the iPhone. But my question for you all is wether or not the app centric UX of iOS will be something I can get over when using the iPhone in day to day use when it comes to retrieving info about friends and family? Have any of you found this to be a problem and found a work around or is this just something I'll have to get used to?

and what are your thoughts on price... Is the iPhone worth the premium over the 920?