Possibly the last iteration of OS X, Mac OS 10.9 already appearing in analyst logs . What's Next ?

Google Analytics for 9to5mac reports that they are already receiving pageviews from Mac OS 10.9 machines geo-IP located both on Apple's corporate network and in the Bay area. It further adds that there are at least 4 different IP addresses these hits are coming from and the screen resolution on at least two of them is consistant with the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro's display.

It is possible, technically, that these could be faked but the timing and IP addresses are in line with what we expect from beta testers of the next version of Mac OS 10.9, after all Apple unvalued (at least to code writers and journalists) the 10.8 iteration ( Mountain Lion ) in the first quarter of 2012 .

If we look at numbers (10.9) it feels obvious that this release will be the last big release of the Mac Os X family.( It makes me crazy imagining the success of OS X and how far it pushed the computing as well as apple as a brand.)

I would presume OS 10.9 it would be a small step forward and will not have a lot of jaw dropping features but it would overall be a worthy upgrade at an aggressive pricing (think $19.99) or something similar.


But the thing which excites me the most is - What's next after the lifecycle of OS X is over?

* Are we going to see a completely new OS XI (or whatever apple wishes to call it) with every detail representing the design genius of Jonathan Ive?(Maybe this is why the whole Human Interface division lies in his artistic hands).

* Will it represent some amazing technical achievement Like - Mac OS for the first time running on ARM Processors with extraordinary power efficiency?

Or maybe a combination of both + some amazing new ideas which is currently beyond our imagination.

Let's free our mind from current Technical constraints, thoughts at it's creative best. and post some concepts or even the most outrageous expectations of what we think the next big step for Mac is going to be after the era of OS X is over ?