Design a crazy device

Use your imagination!


back: thin layer of smooth concrete! Conducts heat very well, (if thin) doesn't block connection very much

Sides: Gunmetal with (functional) screws. Aluminium volume rocker and power switch. 3,5 inch audio and microusb on the bottom

Front: Microphone and Speaker on both sides. One X like front so the sides wrap the front a little bit.

Screen: 3 sizes. All the same internals except different screen (duh!) and battery sizes. 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch. Amoled

Battery: 4 inch: 2000 mah, 5 inch: 2750 mah, 6 inch: 3250 mah. Non removable because fuck you that's why it makes the device smaller (note: battery fills all the empty spaces in the phone, so it isn't squarish)

Camera: 8mp.

Internal: quadcore. 4gb memory. 4 versions: 8gb, 16gb, 32gb and 128gb. NFC, no "4G".


-Turn the phone "upside down", the software buttons (and the rest of the interface) turns also

-Photo's saved to Google Drive (Die picasa die. Al least, in the form it is now). If you buy a phone you get 8,16,32 or 128gb free space.

-App data backed up into Google Devices (Like Chrome OS. Put your phone in a blender, get a new phone and everything is still the same if you want that)

-I said Chrome OS. If you connect your phone to a screen BAM! Chrome OS baby!