Google releases Chrome 23 for desktop. That's a full 5 versions ahead of Chrome for Android

No wonder Chrome for Android sucks compared to desktop Chrome in terms of performance. It's at least 8 months of development behind, and it seems the gap is growing larger instead of smaller, because I think it was only 3 versions behind when they first launched it on Android early this year.

Google needs to reach feature/performance parity with Chrome for desktop ASAP. It's quickly becoming one of the worst browsers on Android, and maybe it wouldn't matter that much, but they are now making it the default browser on Android, and all future benchmarks will be done on it, showing Android devices with the most cutting edge hardware, score lower than competitors' devices with older hardware. That is simply unacceptable. If the people in charge of Chrome for Android can't handle it, Google should fire them ASAP and put someone in charge who can.