Why I'm switching to a windows 8 tab from an iPad....... In 2 years

Disclamber, I am an apple fanboy, but today I found myself playing with an asus VivoTab in futureshop. It was awesome. The potential of this device, and more importantly the OS, is outstanding. So why didn't I switch today? It wasn't the app store, it wasn't the lower resolution screen. It was the performance. I found it very slow for simple tasks like opening up email, Internet explorer, the app store. Everything was 2 seconds behind what it would take me to do all that on my Ipad. It was heart breaking. Sure there are some thing's that annoy me about it, like the fact that its still impossible to use the desktop effectively without a mouse, but I was blown away by how much I loved using this device. I absolutely will not be upgrading to windows 8 on my desktop after using the consumer preview, but if I had one of these tablets I bet I would. I know it's using a tetra 3 which is terribly outdated in performance but I don't think the little things will be fixed for me by next year. It won't improve that much in a years time. But in two years when the graphics and CPU blow the current devices out of the water, you had better believe I will be preordering one.

just my 2 cents.